Printing Ink

Product Groups

Resins and Monomers

Maleic Resins
Phenolic Resin
Polyamide Resins
Styrene Acrylic Emulsions
Guangdong Deqing Jixin Synthetic Resin Ltd, China
New East China Chemical co. ltd,
Gold Reef Specialty chemicals, South Africa


Aluminium Powder
Carbon Black
Lemon Chrome
Middle Chrome
Molybdate Orange
Phthalocyanine blue
Phthalocyanine Green
Pigmented Chips
Pigment Paste
Organic Pigments-Azo
Titanium Dioxide Rutile
Titanium Dioxide Anatase
ArasanAluminium Industries, India
Manali Pigments Pvt. Ltd., India
Manali Pigments Pvt. Ltd., India
Manali Pigments Pvt. Ltd., India
Ramdev Chemical Industries, India,
Ramdev Chemical Industries, India,
Indian Chemical Industries, India,
Lily Group Co. Ltd.
Henan Billions chemicals. Co. ltd, China,


Anti Foaming
Organoclay/Rheology Additives
Synthron, France
Zhejiang Huate Group, China,

Extenders and Minerals

Aluminium Silicate precipitated
Barytes-Natural Barium Sulphate
Calcined Kaolin
Madhu Silica Pvt. Ltd., India
Gemme Specialty Chemicals (FoShan) Co., Ltd, China,
Golcha, India,


Readymade Thinners

Fats and Oils

Linseed Oil
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