Fumed Silica

GBS is the largest and mostadvanced fumed silica supplier in the Chinesedomestic market .GBS enterprise produces fumed silica of regular size of 7—40 nanometers,with surface area between 70---400m2/g. Because of its small particle size,bigger surface area, more surface activate characteristicsproducts are used in rubber,coating,adhesive,paint,printingink,plastic, cosmetics application, to have a good reinforcement, thickening, absorbing the transparence,anti-UV,sterilization and so on .

Their products are divided into hydrophilic and hydrophobic these two series, The hydrophilic model are HL - 150, HL - 200, HL – 200M, HL – 200H, HL - 300, HL - 380, and the hydrophobic Series are HB - 215, HB - 220, HB - 615, HB - 615 M, HB - 620, HB - 630, etc.

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