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It is a pat on our back, when customers choose to buy our chemicals. We get encouraged. We consider it a seal of approval from our demanding customers that our sourcing is right and that we are serving them well on quality, price and service.

For other customers knowing this will help them gain confidence about our product offering. If this encourages them to opt for our products, we feel our efforts are rewarded, our objectives met. We will be happy to be of help to save on raw material costs, improving bottom lines.

We proudly share below the orders we have bagged recently,
reasons why our products have been chosen and the benefits
accrued to them.

Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) is used to modify the Asphalt Binder there by improving its performance. One of the leading and upcoming bitumen producer of specialized grades has been satisfied with our efforts to source the right quality of PPA 115 % for their use. We have been awarded with orders to supply them PPA115% regularly.

What is PPA

Polyphosphoric acid (Hn+2PnO3n+1) is a polymer of orthophosphoric acid (H3PO4). Polyphosphoric acid offered commercially is a mixture of orthophosphoric acid with pyrophosphoric acid, triphosphoric and higher acids and is sold on the basis of its calculated content of H3PO4 as for example 115%. Superphosphoric acid is a similar mixture sold at 105% H3PO4. Other grades of phosphoric acid may contain water, but are not typically used in asphalt modification. This eliminates issues of foaming and corrosion at the refinery or terminal. PPA’s major applications are surfactant production, water treatment, pharmaceutical synthesis, pigment production, flame proofing, metals finishing and asphalt modification. This circular will specifically discuss the use of PPA as an asphalt modification.

There have been several patents on the use of Polyphosphoric acid with asphalt. One of the first patents for binder modification was in 1973. This patent involved adding PPA to the asphalt binder to increase viscosity without increasing the penetration. Subsequent patents typically involve the use of PPA with polymer modification. The past experience has shown PPA increases the high temperature stiffness of an asphalt binder with only minor effect on the intermediate and low temperature properties.

Star Chem is able to offer PPA 115% from some of the best and most reliable producers in china whose factories have been audited and visited. So when you want to buy PPA115% from us you can be confident of receiving quality product at the most optimum price.

( Product packing )
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Leading Paving Block producer

Titanium Dioxide Rutile BLR 699
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